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Within the construction industry we can provide all your construction insurance and construction guarantees.


Our History

Blenheim is part of the Badger International Group which has a rich history, spanning over 25 years since conceptualised in the garage of our founder in 1994.

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We are Passionate about making sure you are covered correctly

Blenheim maintains a rigorous training standard for all our associates and learning is continuous. This is to your advantage as the commercial insurance risk landscape is broad and your business requires effective knowledge from risk.

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Our Products

Blenheim is a specialist within the construction and commercial insurance industry and construction guarantees.

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Blenheim have been known to me and my Company for the past 5 years and have been nothing but a blessing to our Industries ongoing struggle with Contractors raising Guarantees for projects. With collateral always playing a huge part in Companies ability to qualify for or secure Construction Guarantees and thereby possibly forgoing potential work opportunities, Blenheim have always been able to model and address this issue with sound and practical alternatives.- Tony Conlon, MD of Marsilio Projects
Previously, all my construction guarantees were procured through the bank where I had to pay over 100 % of the insured amount. This put enormous pressure on my cash flow as a good portion of my finances was ceded over to the bank and as a result I was unable to take on larger projects. Blenheim has been a major help as I have realised through the insurance market that I have the option to manage 90% of my capital more effectively.- Arno Badenhorst – Arc Con

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