Comprehensive Business Insurance

Blenheim is a specialist commercial insurance brokerage that provides all your general commercial and business insurance needs. We have superior service and turnaround times. We can provide you with several quotations so that you can decide on the best premiums and cover options.

Fire, lightning, storm, explosion and other specified perils to buildings, stock, etc. rent can also be added.

Comprehensive fire policy type for buildings such as office buildings, flats, hotels and schools.

Comprehensive insurance for office contents and documents.

Loss of income or profits following an interruption of or interference with the business in consequence of damage occurring to property as insured under a material damage policy.

Loss or damage caused during theft (forcible and violent entry).

Loss of money (cash, cheques, etc.).

Accidental breakage of glass and damage caused to other property connected thereto.

Loss of money or property due to dishonest employees.

Comprehensive insurance for goods that are transported but excludes transported by sea. Restricted cover can be taken.

Comprehensive insurance of items which can be taken away from the premises and even out of the country.

Accidental loss or damage to property by any cause not specifically excluded or for which insurance may be available under any other policy.

Liability for the injury or death of passengers.

Liability towards third parties upon death, bodily injury or illness or damage to property that may arise from the activities of the insured.

Liability towards employees upon death or injuries whilst on duty.

Accidental death or bodily injury to employees. The benefits are based on a specific number of year’s benefits.

Accidental death or bodily injury to person. The benefits are based on specific amounts.

Private type vehicles, LDV’s, commercial vehicles, special type of vehicles, trailers, caravans, busses and motorcycles can be insured on a comprehensive or limited basis.

Comprehensive insurance for computers and other electronic equipment.

Comprehensive insurance for the dealer’s own vehicles and third-party liability whilst on the premises of the dealer.

Comprehensive insurance for vehicles belonging to the dealer or vehicles in his custody whilst outside the premises of the dealer.

Unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to machinery

Loss of income or profit following interruption of or interference with the business in consequence of damage to property insured under the Machinery Breakdown policy.

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