Advance Payment Guarantee

Get your Construction Guarantee in 24 – 48 hours!*

Blenheim Commercial is a specialist insurance brokerage that provides performance guarantee services to clients across South Africa.

Our benefits

  • We can finalise quotations within 24 – 48 hours*
  • We provide all draft and original guarantees within 24 to 48 hours*
  • We have competitive collateral requirements of between 0 and 10%
  • We give qualifying clients structured collateral terms
    (you do not have to pay the full collateral up front)

*Subject to receipt of all necessary information and approval by insurer.

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    We are proud to be affiliated to Master Builders South Africa (MBSA), the East Cape MBA and Allied Industries Association has served its members and the building industry for over 100 years.

    Your personal information is collected over a secure, encrypted network. We also provide for full protection of all your data and will store and protect it in accordance of PoPI.

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