About Us

Blenheim is a specialist commercial insurance brokerage which is part of the Badger International Group. The Group has a rich history, spanning over 25 years since conceptualised in the garage of our founder in 1994. Our humble beginnings have installed enduring values that have kept us growing.

Those values are based on our relationships, discipline, tenacity, resilience and focus.

We believe in doing the simple things better such as returning your phone call every time, answering emails as soon as possible and being available when you need us. Our discipline allows us to follow through on what we promise. Getting things done is our priority.

Blenheim’s specialised product offering, offers you:

  • Construction Related Guarantees

We really care about protecting you from risk that can cause your business to shut down when you could have been covered by adequate insurance.

This is more than just advice, it comes from really caring about your well-being.

Blenheim looks forward to welcoming you to the family.

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